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Low Impact Workout Take 2

Hey everyone!  Happy Fitness Friday!  I’m combining this with today’s posi-post.  I figured I’d illustrate some of the moves mentioned in my easy low-impact workout post (link below.)  That post and the activewear post (also below) mention where you can find my equipment and clothes 🙂



Here we go!


For starters, this is my new home gym…very fancy and high tech, I know.  I’m currently looking for a real punching bag on the cheap and I need to re-inflate my balance ball, but it’s coming together quite nicely.  I just got the floor mats and weighted hula hoop.  I’ll add links to where you can find those below as well!  Let’s get started!


  1. Step one is usually to jump rope 40 reps.  The basement ceiling is obviously too low and it was raining out so I just did jumping jacks instead.
  2. Arm curls-40 reps each


3. Thigh master-30 reps


4. Run in place (make sure you lift those knees!)-40 lifts each leg

5. Shoulder press-40 each


6. Thigh master again-30 reps

7. Balance ball crunches-30 (sorry for the lack of photos on these, my alarm cut off my camera for a little bit :/)

8. Squats-40

9. Tricep press-15 each arm, then 15 together

10. Hips lifts-25

11. Toe lift-50 (These are just when you raise your feet up on your toes, then back down on   your heel.  They’re really great for you calves!)

12. Planks-hold for 30 secs or however long you can


13. Hula hoop-5 min **This is a new, weighted hula hoop, so I’m starting at 1 min and going to build up.  It’s great, but the reviews do not lie, it will bruise your sides a little until you get used to it.

Get it here

14. Boxing!-200 hits in 50 hit intervals (This can work without the punching mat/bag as well.  Try shadow boxing!  The breaks in between keep me from getting too tired out.)


**Don’t forget to hydrate!!!!

Again, I feel I should mention I am by no means an expert.  This is just a routine that works for me.  I have to adapt it sometimes to account for extra joint pain or fatigue, but this is generally what I try to stick to.

Here are the links I mentioned. 🙂

Gym Mat

Easy, Low Impact Work Out


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Easy, Low Impact Work Out

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an autoimmune disease called Rheumatic Fever.  It causes extreme fatigue and chronic joint pain, among other things.  I’ve always tried to stay as active as possible, but I wanted something more to help with endurance, strength and stamina.  I figure this kind of workout can also be good for beginners or people who don’t like to exercise.  This workout routine is not about losing weight so keep that in mind if that’s what you’re looking for.

thigh master

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • jump rope (or you can just jump in place)
  • 1 or 2 dumbbells (I’m currently using 1 8lb)
  • thigh master (or a resistance/pilates ring)
  • punching bag or mat
  • sparring gloves (you can just shadow box if you don’t have a bag or gloves)


Century’s stuff is awesome!

The circuit is made up of 12 different moves followed by 10 min of cardio.  It takes about 30-40 min depending on my energy level that day.  I do this 3 days a week.  The reps/time limit I have here is what I’ve built up to since starting a little over a year ago.  You can use a lighter/heavier weight or do more or less reps of each move depending on what works for you.

  1. jump rope 40 reps
  2. arm curls 40 each
  3. thigh master 30 reps
  4. run in place (lift knees high!) 40 lifts each
  5. shoulder press 40 each
  6. thigh master again 30 reps
  7. crunches 40 (I use a balance ball so it’s easier on my back)
  8. squats 40
  9. triceps press 15 each arm, 15 together
  10. hip lifts 25 (these are really hard on my hips so I can’t do very many)
  11. calf lifts 50
  12. plank 30 seconds (or however long I can depending on my energy)


For the cardio, I usually do 10 min of boxing, done in increments of 50 hits so I don’t tire myself out to fast.  I’m considering getting a small bag, but because of the apartment I used to live in , I got an mma wall-mounted mat and some padded sparring gloves.  I’ve always wanted to join a boxing gym, but because I’m really limited it what I do, I just started with this.  It’s really fun too!  It’s a great way to get out frustration and feel kick ass.  I’m getting a weighted hula hoop soon so I will probably switch on and off between doing that and boxing depending on the day.

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I mentioned in another post that I’m obsessed with fashion, and that includes activewear!  I thought I’d share some of my favorite products and places to shop.


Let’s start with Target

Some of their stuff can get a little high if you’re on a strict budget, but they’ve always got sales going on.

tbra12.99 Sports Bra: $12.99

Actually own this  one, super soft and comfortable.


tleg29.99  Capri Leggings: $29.99


tvest34.99tvest2 Cross-back Sweatshirt: $34.99

Got this one as a gift, love it!



Victoria’s Secret

They are a luxury brand to me, but I’m obsessed!  Seriously, just ask my partner how much VS stuff I own.  Luxury generally means pricey, but they have great deals a few times a year and you can always ask for items as gifts 🙂


vsbra35 Sports Bra: $35

These bras offer a nice amount of support.  It feels like I’m wearing more than just underwear.


vs2top24.5  T-shirt: $24.50


vstop24.5 Shirt: $24.50


vsjacket49.5 Jacket: $49.5

Got last season’s version of this on clearance for less than half that price!  It’s comfortable and warm, perfect for a walk in cooler weather.


vsleg66.5 Capri Legging: $66.5


vsleg69.5 Legging: $69.5

These are my favorite leggings.  They’re constantly coming out with new colors and restocking old ones so it’s easy to wait for them to go on sale.




Every time I go grocery shopping I have to keep clear of the sportswear section.  There’s always something that catches my eye.


wmbra11.94 Sports Bra: $11.94

I love these kinds of sports bras!  They have the padding and shape of a regular bra so I can wear it anytime I want.


wmleg9  Leggings: $9



Forever 21

I am not 21, but I like a lot about this place.  They do carry some clothes that works for women over that age, and they have amazing prices!


xxibrasame Sports Bra: $14.90


xxibra14.9  Sports Bra: $14.90

What I love most about sports bras at Forever 21 is they tell you right on the site if the bra is low, medium, or high impact.  I’ve got me a set of DDs so I need a bra that’s going to keep everything in place.  XXI also has really interesting and creative bras you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


xxitop12.9  Muscle T: $12.90


xxileg19.9  Leggings: $19.90

I usually like a little higher rise in my leggings so they don’t slip down when I’m jumping rope, but these are really comfortable and cute.

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If you haven’t read the “About Me” page, you should know that I in no way an expert when it comes to health and fitness.  I just try to follow common sense and do what I think is good for my body.

I also won’t pretend that I find most forms of exercise fun.  I’m terrible at sports so that’s out and I’ve never really liked the gym atmosphere.  Want to know what got me into a regular work-out routine?  The clothes.  I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m really into fashion and I love athletic wear!  I finally bought some figuring that if I had the clothes, I’d feel obligated to get active…and I did!  It totally inspired me to find things that work for me and make fitness fun.

This is a dumbbell…can you tell I go to art school?

I think it’s also important to mention that I have autoimmune disease called Rheumatic Fever.  It causes chronic joint pain which can make exercise, or sometimes any activity extremely difficult.  Any moves or tips I share will be good for anyone that has mobility issues, or if you just don’t like to work out.