About Me

DSCN0534Hey!  I’m Jenn and I weigh 165 lbs.  Just though I’d throw that out there because, as an active member of the current body-positivity movement, I believe that number is totally useless and shouldn’t matter to anyone, no matter how big or small it might be.  I have no interest in lowering that number.  In fact, with my current efforts to increase muscle strength, that number will probably increase.  I’ve struggled with body image a lot, and even though there are still times that I find myself comparing my body to other women around me, I’m more concerned with feeling good about myself and the way I treat my body, not what society says I should look or feel like.

“Apparently I’m Fat” stems from a place I never want to go back to.  Last year a doctor told me my weight wasn’t good and it crushed me.  I hate to admit it, but I felt like I lost all my self confidence.  It took months for me to repair it and I refuse to let anyone make me feel that way again.  So this is a place for positive attitudes only!

This blog is a place where you can find recipes for healthy and delicious food, my totally non-expert fitness tips, people/things I find body-inspiring, and anything else I feel like!

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