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Chicken, Egg, and Avocado Sandwich

Hey there!  So it’s been a really long time since I’ve done one of these.  Things have been a little tight around here so I haven’t been able to try as many new recipes.  Here is one I made up today; it’s super easy and delicious!

sandwich 2


. Sandwich bread or whatever you want to eat your stuff on

. chicken breast strips/tenders (I used frozen ones)

. humus

. hard-boiled egg

. 1/2 avocado

. salt, pepper, onion powder, and lemon pepper



  1. Cook your chicken and add spices if you’re not using the pre-cooked kind

sandwich 1

*I always cook a bunch of chicken at once so that I’ll have extra for other meals during the week.  I only used 2 of the small pieces for this sandwich.


2. Hard boil your egg and chop it up

sandwich 3

*Side note: Do your eggs look like this after you peel them?  You should add more vinegar to your water when you boil the egg…I obviously did not add enough.



3. Spread humus on bun, and add other ingredients to sandwich.

sandwich 4

*This is on a really large roll, not bread, so I didn’t use the whole egg, and I picked a pretty small avocado.  I also really don’t mind a drier sandwich so there’s only a little bit of humus on one side, but obviously you could add more or sauces.  I also add a little bit more salt and pepper here.



sandwich 5

This was really delicious and satisfying without being too filling.  I’d love to hear about any type of variation on a sandwich like this in the comments!

Have a Happy Belly 😀



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