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Adventures With Leggings-As-Pants

Let me start by saying that I love leggings.  They are so comfy and look super cute with everything.  However, I really hate when people wear them in public…which is why I usually never do.  If you’re wearing them under a tunic or long shirt or whatever, that’s no big deal, but I don’t care what size you are, leggings emphasize your butt and, even if it’s a spectacular butt, I don’t want my eyes constantly drawn to it.  It’s just weird.

That being said, one of my biggest body self conscious issues is how I look to other people in leggings.  So today, I ventured out into the public world for the first time in a pair of leggings.  And I have to say, it was empoweringly anticlimactic.

As you can see in these super high-quality selfies below, I could not bring myself to bear my legginged booty completely, so I wore a flannel that covered me up a little more.

It was actually kind of great.  I felt a little weird as I walked from my front porch to the car, but by the time I parked at my stop I was pretty much over the weirdness.  I didn’t feel like anyone noticed me at all or worry that people were judging me.  I feel like a huge part of facing your fashion fears is reminding yourself that, unless you’re some sort of celebrity, most people probably don’t even notice/care what you’re wearing to the convenience store.

My next challenge is to let my behinders take center stage in a slammin body-con dress.  I bought the dress a few months ago and wore it once, under a long coat I never took off.  I’m working up the courage to wear it to my next dressy outing and hopefully the results will be as positive as today’s.

Mission L.A.P. Status:  Complete



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