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Apparently I’m Fat: One Year Later

So if you haven’t read my “about” page, here’s the short on my story…

Last year a doctor told me I was fat, and it pretty much ruined my self-esteem for months.  I decided to start this blog a couple of months ago, not to get sympathy or to try to get people to tell me I’m skinny, but to make a safe space to talk about my insecurities and share body-positive messages.  I’ve definitely got my struggles in life, but I consider myself pretty happy.  A huge part of that has been accepting my body for what it is.  I’m active, I eat pretty healthy (most of the time,) and I choose to see myself in a positive way…all 155 lbs of me 🙂

So here’s the 1 year update.  Monday, I posted this photo on the blog’s instagram page,


Here’s the original…because I always go #unfiltered


Here’s what happened at the doctor.  I was all set with a speech I’d planned out 6 months ago and to tell him that while I respected him as a doctor, I would have to find another if he could not keep his opinion on my weight out of the conversation.  However, I have apparently lost 10 lbs since last year (weird because I wasn’t actually trying) so now my weight is “stable,” whatever that means.  He said that and mentioned the 10 lb drop, and fist-bumped me.  It was silly and kind of weird.  I hadn’t really worked out what “stable” meant and we were finished.  Pretty anti-climactic but it’s better than leaving the office in tears.

Conclusion:  I guess he’ll keep my business; he is a great doctor except for that one thing.  The point is, no matter the weight, I love my body for the way she is, at least most of the time 😛


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