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Yes. Yes. Yes!

“As a woman who hated my cellulite, I went on a mission to learn to love it.”

Buzzfeed writer posted an article after my own heart last week.  She spent a week showing off her legs and not trying to hide her cellulite.  As someone who has had cellulite since the age of 16, I completely empathize with the self-conscious awareness of every bump and ripple that peeks out from a pair of shorts or, even worse, shines in all its glory around a bikini bottom.


*this is just a screenshot, not a video link

I found this post so incredibly uplifting and empowering.  A huge part of it was that she was purposefully letting her cellulite show, and I didn’t even notice!  I always have to remind myself that the things I notice and fuss over about myself, other people barely even notice about me.  It’s about being happy with your overall self and not wasting time nit-picking every little imperfection.  🙂


See the full article here:


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