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Low Impact Workout Take 2

Hey everyone!  Happy Fitness Friday!  I’m combining this with today’s posi-post.  I figured I’d illustrate some of the moves mentioned in my easy low-impact workout post (link below.)  That post and the activewear post (also below) mention where you can find my equipment and clothes 🙂



Here we go!


For starters, this is my new home gym…very fancy and high tech, I know.  I’m currently looking for a real punching bag on the cheap and I need to re-inflate my balance ball, but it’s coming together quite nicely.  I just got the floor mats and weighted hula hoop.  I’ll add links to where you can find those below as well!  Let’s get started!


  1. Step one is usually to jump rope 40 reps.  The basement ceiling is obviously too low and it was raining out so I just did jumping jacks instead.
  2. Arm curls-40 reps each


3. Thigh master-30 reps


4. Run in place (make sure you lift those knees!)-40 lifts each leg

5. Shoulder press-40 each


6. Thigh master again-30 reps

7. Balance ball crunches-30 (sorry for the lack of photos on these, my alarm cut off my camera for a little bit :/)

8. Squats-40

9. Tricep press-15 each arm, then 15 together

10. Hips lifts-25

11. Toe lift-50 (These are just when you raise your feet up on your toes, then back down on   your heel.  They’re really great for you calves!)

12. Planks-hold for 30 secs or however long you can


13. Hula hoop-5 min **This is a new, weighted hula hoop, so I’m starting at 1 min and going to build up.  It’s great, but the reviews do not lie, it will bruise your sides a little until you get used to it.

Get it here

14. Boxing!-200 hits in 50 hit intervals (This can work without the punching mat/bag as well.  Try shadow boxing!  The breaks in between keep me from getting too tired out.)


**Don’t forget to hydrate!!!!

Again, I feel I should mention I am by no means an expert.  This is just a routine that works for me.  I have to adapt it sometimes to account for extra joint pain or fatigue, but this is generally what I try to stick to.

Here are the links I mentioned. 🙂

Gym Mat

Easy, Low Impact Work Out



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