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Let’s Talk About Gender Equality For a Minute

Literally, let’s just lay this out in like, one minute because it’s late and I have to be up early for work 😛

* I put this in the “Body Stuff” category because, even though this is primarily a fitness/body image blog, part of body positivity is respecting all bodies of all genders/non genders.

I recently got a blurb from an article review in Glamour Magazine (yay!)  I reviewed an article titled, “Finally, Blockbusters We Can Get Behind.”

View the full article here.

I’ll let you read this for yourselves, but I was not happy about the way this article slanted feminism as retaliation/vindication toward men for the crap women have taken throughout the entertainment industry’s history.

Here’s my review.


They had to shorten it some, but they got the gist.  For starters, I believe gender equality means respecting all genders.  But in the specific sense of men/women, I don’t think subjecting men to the same treatment women are still fighting against is the answer.  We can’t get caught up in the triviality of “punishing” men for what women have been through in the past.  It’s about getting rid of the fixation on gender roles/norms and working together to move forward.  I believe that’s what modern feminism is about.

Thanks for listening!  Goodnight 😀


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