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I mentioned in another post that I’m obsessed with fashion, and that includes activewear!  I thought I’d share some of my favorite products and places to shop.


Let’s start with Target

Some of their stuff can get a little high if you’re on a strict budget, but they’ve always got sales going on.

tbra12.99 Sports Bra: $12.99

Actually own this  one, super soft and comfortable.


tleg29.99  Capri Leggings: $29.99


tvest34.99tvest2 Cross-back Sweatshirt: $34.99

Got this one as a gift, love it!



Victoria’s Secret

They are a luxury brand to me, but I’m obsessed!  Seriously, just ask my partner how much VS stuff I own.  Luxury generally means pricey, but they have great deals a few times a year and you can always ask for items as gifts 🙂


vsbra35 Sports Bra: $35

These bras offer a nice amount of support.  It feels like I’m wearing more than just underwear.


vs2top24.5  T-shirt: $24.50


vstop24.5 Shirt: $24.50


vsjacket49.5 Jacket: $49.5

Got last season’s version of this on clearance for less than half that price!  It’s comfortable and warm, perfect for a walk in cooler weather.


vsleg66.5 Capri Legging: $66.5


vsleg69.5 Legging: $69.5

These are my favorite leggings.  They’re constantly coming out with new colors and restocking old ones so it’s easy to wait for them to go on sale.




Every time I go grocery shopping I have to keep clear of the sportswear section.  There’s always something that catches my eye.


wmbra11.94 Sports Bra: $11.94

I love these kinds of sports bras!  They have the padding and shape of a regular bra so I can wear it anytime I want.


wmleg9  Leggings: $9



Forever 21

I am not 21, but I like a lot about this place.  They do carry some clothes that works for women over that age, and they have amazing prices!


xxibrasame Sports Bra: $14.90


xxibra14.9  Sports Bra: $14.90

What I love most about sports bras at Forever 21 is they tell you right on the site if the bra is low, medium, or high impact.  I’ve got me a set of DDs so I need a bra that’s going to keep everything in place.  XXI also has really interesting and creative bras you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


xxitop12.9  Muscle T: $12.90


xxileg19.9  Leggings: $19.90

I usually like a little higher rise in my leggings so they don’t slip down when I’m jumping rope, but these are really comfortable and cute.


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