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Avocado Crazy

I’ve recently become obsessed with avocados.  They’re good for you and don’t have an incredibly strong flavor so they can go in just about anything!

My favorite combo is egg, avocado, and bell peppers.  They make a great sandwich, salad, or in any other combo you can come up with.

avocado    plus-hi Hard Boiled eggs   plus-hibell-pepper

This recipe, however, was a great find.  Have I mentioned my sweet tooth?  Yeah.  So any healthy alternative to sugary desserts is a go for me.

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This recipe is posted on the instructables site by


One large avocado
1/4 cup cocoa powder (I like it with unsweetened, but you can use sweetened powder too.)
1/4 cup soy or nut milk (I use skim milk…cheaper)
1/4 cup honey
One teaspoon vanilla


Dump it all in a food processor and blend until smooth.  That’s it!  It’s so easy and delicious.  You can add a little more honey if you like it sweeter, or extra powder for extra chocolatey goodness.

P.S. I made this for dinner for my parents one night and just told them it was home-made chocolate pudding.  They freaked when they found out it was made from avocados!


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